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The fishing village of Imsouane
Located on the beautiful Atlantic coast of Morocco at 90 km north or Agadir city. Imsouane is surrounded by amazing nature which conveys peace and tranquillity.
The little fisher village between Agadir and Essouira is famous for its port where traditional fisher boats go ashore every morning, bringing in the freshest fish.

If grilling and enjoying fresh sea food directly at the waterfront does not convince you, maybe Morocco’s longest wave at “The Bay” and its sandy beach, which was recorded to be one of the 10 most beautiful ones in the world can.
Imsouane and especially HEENALU PURE SOUL house, which is positioned at the more “off-track” and quieter side of the village, invites you to unwind, recharge, get inspired & just feel free.


The wooden, beach front house was opened early 2019 and was built with a lot of love for details.
Its spacious, bright rooms are the perfect place to relax after a long surf session and invite your creative side to find new inspiration, sketch, paint or write. Warm yourself from the cold water in PURE SOUL HOUSE’s own Hammam and regain energy with healthy and local soul food.
Your home away from home is built into the rocks of Cathedral and overviews it’s famous point-break. Watch the surfers from the spacious rooftop terrace or the bright Yoga room and fall asleep to the sound of the waves in one of our 5 sea-view rooms.


At Heenalu Pure Soul we strongly believe in the healing power of nutrition as an essential key to happiness and the strength of the body, mind and soul. It’s important for us that you feel healthy and balanced all day and sustain the energy and vitality during long surf sessions.

Our mastermind chef Fatima and Imane love to cook delicious meals inspired by Moroccan and international cuisine.
Our mission is to bring happiness and health to our guests by sharing the passion of gastronomy and a lot of love for details.
You’ll undoubtedly be heading back home with a bunch of new recipe inspirations.
Our Meals are like art cuisine, a mix of spices, local product, fresh ingredients mix with creative recipes cooked with love.


Disconnect from your usual routine and technology to reconnect with nature and yourself

At Heenalu Pure Soul we offer you a variety of carefree packages. You will be provided with everything you need to push your physical limits, stimulate your mind, and stir your soul. You will feel at home from the moment you arrive, while you are charging epic waves, enjoy nutritious and yummy cuisine and hanging out with like-minded people from around the world.


Imsouane offers amazing surf to all levels

The Bay, this magic right hander break is over 800 m long. It’s worldly known by being the longest wave in Morocco. Perfect for all levels and a classic longboarding wave but as it has different sections it’s also super fun with a short board. With bigger swells it can get world class, offering huge long walls and even barrel sections.

Cathedral Point, which is located in front of the house, is a consistent right-hand point break (reef and sand bottom). The first sections get very hollow and fast on a low tide and smoother on a mid-high tide. On some days the whole beach break works, so there’s space for everyone to get a barrel but in general it isn’t crowded as the Bay.

The cathedral left is a super fun hollow wave and the best time to surf it is high tide with north swell. It can dig with medium swell and form cool little barrels.