First surf experience ever


ou might be one of those surrounded by surfers who keep sharing their adventurous trips, and their exciting experiences, while you are just stuck in your place! Never dared to try?!

As for you, It is very difficult! You tried Bodyboard, but it’s never the same.Now It is your turn to make a step forward, challenge yourself and finally take some surf lessons in Heenalu Surf Camp Morocco.

First day of your surf lessons; you will definitely be nervous and excited at the same time as you do not have any clue of what is going to be like. But your surf instructor will be in your service to teach you gradually the hicks and tricks, and to make of you a great surfer. All you have in mind is going into the water, but it takes more than this to begin surfing; that is why you will have to focus and make into practice all you have learnt so far.

Practice time is the moment of truth. As any beginner your surf instructor will be by your side and would be teaching you step by step. First of all you will have to make a first contact with the water without the surfboard, in order to get used to some helpful techniques that you will later find relevant after getting on the surfboard. It is really a mesmerizing feeling that makes you remember all the happy memories of your childhood vacations in the beach!

First surf experience in surf camp morocco

Once on the board, it is a whole another level of great sensations! Although you take small waves or stay in the shore, but the feeling is extremely stirring as you will want to keep trying all day to succeed and make the Hell Of It! And shout out loud to the world Aîoooo! I Did It !
It is such a blessed moment with high emotions, great happiness, self-satisfaction and FUN! You will definitely feel tired at the end of the day but trust me; IT’S WORTH THE WHILE!

Adrenaline is our anthem, as long as you long for more, you get more and more of energy, passion and joy. Your soul will get charged with positive energy of the ocean, you will be released from all the negative vibes of the daily life. In short, It will certainly be a unique experience- THE EXPERIENCE OF YOUR LIFE!

First surf experience in surf camp morocco


First surf experience in surf camp morocco