A story of a surfer girl


e all have dreams about our life. Some dream seem to be easy to reach and realise some other seem to me unreal. Depending on the love, your ambitions and mostly your courage and strength that we have.

When you decide to realise your dreams and work for them, for your friend, family and society you will become unconscious, marginal or not a so serious. They are probably right in some ways, if you look at it from their side of you. For you it’s different story, you feel that you need to go into different path then your friends, family and the majority of people around you. But it doesn’t mean that you are wrong, not at all, you just don’t fit and the environment that you are coming from and you need to achieve other goals. Once you take the decision to change your life and live for what you love and want to realise, then you will start a wonderful journey, full of surprise, opportunities, knowledge and possibilities. The knowledge that they don’t teach you at school the one you need to have some experience in life to reach it, and the more you grow the more you learn the more to get wiser and wiser.
I’m going to share with you my story, my experience of realising my dreams in a country that women…..x

Surfing has been a magical experience in my life. I started surfing when in summer on 16 year. At that time I used to live in Switzerland. I really wanted surf try surfing as sport but it just stocked in my head, all what I wanted to do as a hobby was surfing. At school I did my best to have great notes that way my mother could buy me a plane ticket to go to Morocco for surfing for my summer holidays.

That how my adventures Began, that when everything started.

I will tell you more about how I get to where I am today and hope to share my future with you as well, on sharing and inspiring you with my stories.

Today I live in South of Morocco, in the Mecca of surfing in this beautiful country. I run my own surf camp, where we specialise on surf Trip and coaching. You can join us for our next surf trip any time, I will be more then happy to help you to improve your surf level and make your surf holidays in Morocco the greatest surf experience.

Surfing can really change your life, your way of living, thinking, traveling and even eating. It is a such journey which never end!

Imagine yourself on the wave, this beautiful element moving underneath you feet, you are floating on the surface of the water and playing in the wave, and in the same time your are feeling the pure energy of the wave.

It’s very hard to describe the feeling you have when you surf.

It’s so special that even when you are just paddle to get into the line up, the sound of the waves breaking in the shore, to see the beauty of a waves breaking in front of you when your are just about to duck dive under it. The fresh air blowing on you cheek, its all those little unique moment that make you feel alive and really happy, I’m talking about the true happiness, the one which wakes up the child in you.

Surf Spirit Morocco !

What is The Surf really?? Why Surfing can change or affect your life??

Let’s try to explain!!

Surfing in not about riding waves, wearing Rip curl, Roxy clothes or making the best manoeuvres. You can be a great surfer but still have the spirit of surfing, it’s the only way your will improve your surfing and your life. The spirit of surfing is being humble, grateful for what we have, simple, respecting the nature by loving it, protecting as we can and try to live as close as possible for the peace and serenity of your soul and mind.
It’s a way of living not only a sport !

What He’e nalu means ?

Ancient Hawaiians regarded the “he’nalu” (surf) as a permanent celebration, a worship given to the ocean.

  • He’e” : a Temple, holy place
    Nalu”: wave, meditation
    Na”: peace, serenity

“Nalu”: thus, expresses the interaction with the waves, through which the inner balance allows ones self to find the exterior balance, and the divinities, who in Polynesia, are rather the expression of a fuming world (volcanic eruptions, cyclones, angry sea…)

The “he’e nalu” is an invocation that makes the world a “heiau” (a temple, a holy place) it gathers the “manas” (vital energies) to feed the “aumakua” (the divine spark)

It’s in this spirit that the “he’nalu” surf camp, will guide you in your surfing experience with us, either you’re a beginner of advanced surfers-

Join us for the next trip you won’t regret it!!